Ideas for Wine Racks

At the end of a busy day, homeowners often like to unwind with a glass of wine. However, while there may be room on your countertop for a bottle or two, you may run into problems when it comes to storing a larger wine collection. Fortunately, there are many attractive wine rack options that provide practical storage for bottles and wine accessories. If you are in the market for a wine rack, consider both the size of your collection and the space available in your home to help you narrow down your options.

Freestanding Wine Rack

One of the most basic options for a wine rack is a freestanding unit. Freestanding wine racks are available in a range of materials, including wrought iron, wood, plastic and acrylic. Some are rectangular in shape and feature slots for wine bottles while others have an open style with individual holes for the bottles. Some freestanding wine racks also serve as a piece of furniture because they have a tabletop that allows you to store wine accessories, such as corkscrews, decanters and glasses, on top.

Wall-mounted Wine Rack

A wall-mounted wine rack is a small space like an apartment or galley kitchen where there might not be floor space for a freestanding rack. Wall-mounted wine racks typically do not hold as many bottles as a freestanding unit, but placing two racks side by side often provides sufficient storage. The bottles in wall-mounted wine racks may be stored vertically or horizontally, depending on the style, and some wall-mounted racks also feature additional storage for wine glasses, decanters and other accessories. Wall-mounted wine racks come in a variety of styles and often feature highly decorative detail work, so they serve as an attractive wall decoration in addition to providing convenient storage.

Countertop Wine Rack

Similar to a freestanding wine rack, countertop or tabletop wine racks are smaller stands that can fit on your kitchen counter, side table or bar. They vary in size from racks that only hold a few wine bottles to larger stands that can hold 8 to 12. Countertop wine racks come in a variety of designs as well, and like wall-mounted racks, often feature decorative elements that make them an attractive addition to your kitchen, living room or lounge's decor.

Wine Cabinet

For serious wine enthusiasts, a built-in wine cabinet may be the best option. Built-in cabinets can be customised to fit the space available in your home. Because they are built into a wall, wine cabinets are usually made of wood. However, they may be stained or painted to match your room's decor. Wine cabinets can also be designed to include storage space for stemware and other wine-related accessories. A built-in wine cabinet can become a statement piece for a room by adding architectural details such as moulding to give it an elegant, distinguished look.

Green Wine Rack

You may prefer to use items made from recycled materials whenever possible, and there are a wide range of wine racks available made from repurposed materials. In addition to being kinder to the environment, this type of wine rack tends to have a funkier look than a traditional wine rack, so it may be an ideal option if you prefer a bolder, more modern design look. You can find wine racks made from a variety of recycled materials at home furnishing stores, but making one of your own with items that you find in your garage or attic may be enjoyable. Think creatively and you may be surprised at the number of items that can be repurposed for wine storage, such as the pipes from mufflers or an old ski.

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