Ideas for Church Ushers Anniversary

Written by kayla posney | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Church Ushers Anniversary
Find a meaningful and special gift for church ushers on their anniversary. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Church ushers are a major part of the church community. They are responsible for helping people find seats, getting the elderly to their pews, and assisting in the preparation of the church ceremony. Many church ushers serve a long period in the church and are honoured for their service. Giving a gift to a church usher for their anniversary shows your Christian spirit, gratitude, and honours the usher for playing such a special role in the church community.

Gift Basket

A gift basket is a thoughtful gift that provides the usher with a plethora of different items they can enjoy. You can put different types of food and candy in the gift basket ranging from sausages, cheeses, and a variety of candy. You may know the usher's interests so you can include items from his favourite sports team, tools for gardening, or a book that he may enjoy.

Restaurant Gift Token

A restaurant gift token is thoughtful and useful. Choose a favourite restaurant of the usher or a popular restaurant in the area and get purchase a gift token or gift card. The usher can then take her spouse or family out for a lovely and relaxing dinner.

Personalised Paper Weight

A personalised paper weight is a thoughtful gift. You can purchase a paper weight and have it personalised with the name of the usher, the name of the church, and the years of service given as a church usher. This type of gift is meaningful and can be displayed in the church usher's home as remembrance for the value and help he brought to the church community.

Personalised Bible

A personalised Bible is a special gift for church ushers. It represents their faith and the service they bring to the church community. Choose a Bible and have the name of the church usher, the church name, and their years of service as a church usher inscribed on the Bible. This gift honours the church usher and represents their love of the church and faith.

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