10 Funny Ways to Say I Love You

Written by colby phillips
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10 Funny Ways to Say I Love You
Using humour to say "I love you" is one way to keep the spark in a relationship. (Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

As anyone who's ever said them knows, those three simple words aren't so simple. The statement "I love you" has different meanings depending on how you say it and what the context is. There's the seductive "I love you" whispered in the ear, the exuberant "I love you" shouted across a large body of water or from the top of a mountain. Then there's the daily "I love you" that is a farewell or a greeting between lovers. There are also ways to say "I love you" that use humour and imagination to express affection.


Saying "I love you" lends itself to hyperbole, as in such declarations as "I will love you 'til the end of time." Such hyberbole easily can be adapted for humorous purposes. Some examples might include, "I will love you until the sun engulfs the earth in radioactive flames," "My love for you is as great as Jabba the Hut after downing a Wookie burger" or "I loved you even before I knew you because my karmic destiny was totally stalking you."

Film References

Declarations of love from favourite movies can be pleasingly borrowed. One possibility is to paraphrase the climactic speech from "When Harry Met Sally," using Billy Crystal's deadpan delivery, with substitutions appropriate to your relationship. For example, you could say, "I love that you always take 10 minutes at Starbucks to order the perfect venti vanilla frappuccino. I love that you own the 1979 Kenner Vintage Millennium Falcon and that you once let me touch it. I love the fact that you enjoy popping my zits and that if I ever peed myself you would pee yourself just to make me feel better." Science fiction also provides numerous possible references, as in "I will love you until I am assimilated into the Borg, at which point we will be just friends".

Animal Passions

Humorous declarations of love easily can be supplemented with animal references. For example, you can tell your beloved, "A troop of baby kangaroos doesn't love to bounce as much as I love you," "Loving you feels as warm and fuzzy as a cave of hibernating bears" or, if your relationship could be described as a so-called cougar dynamic (older woman, younger man), "I would fight off a pack of angry wildebeests to keep my little cub by my side."

Extreme Opposites

One of the paradoxes of love is the way it can feel like something to be avoided, like a sickness. This is often reflected in the language used to express love. Humorous statements of this kind can include, "I caught you like a cold and have been sneezing ever since," or "Our love is like chilli peppers and chocolate -- sweet, spicy and crazy good."

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