Female signs of attraction

Updated July 20, 2017

Many times you may not know if a woman is attracted to you. Although a woman may think she is making herself perfectly clear, you can be clueless. There are signs to look for that will tell you if a woman is attracted to you. Knowing and identifying the signs of her attraction to you will help both of you understand each other and communicate better.

Physical Signs

If she is attracted to you, her pupils will dilate when she looks at you. When a woman is attracted to a man she will blush as she smiles and laughs. She will also flip her hair or twist it with her fingers. And, her body language will communicate she is open to your approach by facing you with her hands down at her sides while maintaining eye contact.


If a woman is attracted to you, she may pretend to have some sort of accident to lure you in for assistance. She may drop something, or she might almost trip and fall so she can reach out and hold your hand. She might also "accidentally" run into you in on your way to work or class. "Accidents" like these are no accidents.


If a woman is attracted to you she will focus her attention on you. She will enjoy learning about you as she discovers your tastes and preferences. In a group setting, she will focus on you and talk to you the most. She will listen intently to what you have to say and keep her gaze fixed on you, noticing each of your actions.


If a woman is attracted to you she will compliment you often. If you are an athlete, she will compliment your performance. Or, if you are a musician in a band, she will express her appreciation for the band's music and your talent. Whatever your endeavours, a woman attracted to you will make you feel good as she will express her attraction with compliments.

Provocative Behaviours

When a woman is attracted to you, she will often dress in sexy clothes and make-up when you are around. She will try to draw your attention to her body by standing straight up with her chest out or leaning in toward you. She might make mild sexual innuendos while looking directly in to your eyes, standing increasingly closer to you and initiating touch.

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