Funny Retirement Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

After years of work, many retirees look forward to a change of pace. Planning a fun and funny retirement party is a great way to celebrate this change. But remember that while some retirees are excited, for others the prospect of retirement can be sad and frightening. When planning a funny party for a retiree, be sure to take into consideration the retiree's sense of humour and his or her feelings around retirement.


A roast with friends is a decades-old way to celebrate a person's career. A roast involves guests making lighthearted jokes about the retiree. In general, it is best to go over roasters' material ahead of time. When assessing the material, be sure to take into consideration the comfort level of the retiree. Also consider the other guests in attendance. When planning a roast, be sure to choose a good roast master. The roast master serves as a master of ceremonies and is responsible for keeping the roast tasteful and fun. Generally he or she provides an introductory roast. Often roasts will conclude with the retiree making a brief counter roast of his or her own.

Clock and Tool Trashing

One of the funniest and most cathartic retirement party activities can be the smashing or throwing out of clocks and other work-related items. For example, if the retiree worked at a computer during his or her career, try smashing an old computer monitor or keyboard. If the retiree worked in a kitchen, make a ceremony of throwing out all of his or her hairnets or aprons. In all instances, be careful and be safe. When smashing items, the retiree and those within a close proximity to the activity may want to wear protective eye wear. If you want to be extra safe, try smashing a clock-shaped piƱata instead.

Quiz Show

A quiz show can be a fun and funny activity for a retirement party. A retirement quiz show could either involve people answering questions about the retiree, or the retiree themselves answering questions posed by guests. Questions can either be prepared ahead of time or thought up on the spot, though in the case of the latter some caution should be exercised in case uncomfortable questions come up. Consider giving away prizes for correct answers, or for the guest who gets the most questions right over the course of the game.

Other Activities

If the retiree likes to sing, try some retirement-themed karaoke incorporating either songs the retiree likes, or songs about ageing and work. If the retiree likes to dance, gather music that spans the retiree's career and put on a lighthearted dance contest. Also consider putting together a funny video montage in advance of the party. The video could consist of brief humorous anecdotes related by friends of the retiree. At an opportune moment, gather the party guests and show them the video.

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