Gifts for a 19-Year-Old Boyfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

Your boyfriend is turning 19 and you have no idea what to get him. You may have saved up plenty of money and can afford an expensive gift, like the latest gadget. Maybe the tips from your waitressing job weren't has good as expected and you're a little low on funds. In any case, when searching for a gift for your 19-year-old boyfriend, go for one that is sentimental and practical.

Cell Phone

He never bothers to call you when he's running late for your dates. Eliminate the problem by giving him a new cell phone. He'll be able to call you when he checks the time and realises he's running 20 minutes behind. To discourage him from continuing his late habits, have him take a picture of you when he arrives so he remembers how angry you were. Prices of phones vary, so pick one within your budget.


For a music lover, purchase several CDs by his favourite artists. If he enjoys several genres of music, purchase one CD and download some tunes. Include romantic songs by Frank Sinatra along with the genre of music he enjoys, like rap and rock. An MP3 player is one option for a music lover. Include a one-year subscription to a music downloading site so he can choose his own artists to listen to.


You've been dating him for over a year and want to make a scrapbook that includes cherished photos of the two of you. Add in some mementos like the movie stub from the first movie he took you to or the dried flower from the bouquet he gave you for your birthday. For a guy who wears jewellery, purchase a watch so he can be on time to pick you up. Engrave his initials or a personalised message to show how much you appreciate him. Give him a chain link bracelet or a dog tag necklace with his initials engraved.


You know enough about his personal style to understand that he is not the best dresser. Use his birthday to give him a stylish shirt or a pair of trousers. If he has great style, purchase accessories like a tie and cuff links for special occasions. For a clothing gift that's a little more romantic, purchase red satin boxers with hearts printed on them.

Gift Tokens

For a boyfriend who's difficult to shop for, purchase a gift token to one of his favourite stores. Music gift tokens allow him to choose his own music. For a guy who has eclectic tastes in jewellery, clothing and even accessories, get him a gift token to a vintage store. For a sports fanatic, purchase a gift token for a Saturday afternoon at the batting cages.

Other Ideas

Tickets to movies of his choice are an inexpensive option. For a music lover, purchase tickets to a rock concert. Hobby gifts include items like footballs and basketballs. For a guy who likes golf, purchase a new set of golf clubs or a new leather bag to hold his clubs.

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