Unusual Gifts for One-Year-Olds

Updated November 21, 2016

Children who are turning 1 year old are still babies, but they are entering the toddler stage. Although they might not really understand what their birthday means, they are learning new things every day and are beginning to display personality. Choose an unusual gift for a baby's first birthday, such as something that he will treasure for many years or something that will help him learn something new.


Rather than giving the baby a toy or a new outfit to wear, consider making a video for him. Ask close family members and family friends to go on video and tell the child the most important things that he should know for the future, whether their lessons have to do with romantic relationships, professional advice or something else. While the video will not mean much to the child on his first birthday, it will be extremely valuable years down the line.

Meal Time

A toddler who is turning 1 year old is likely beginning to eat more meals with her family, rather than taking bottles or being nursed. Give her a gift that she can use at meal time. Choose a small child's plate, bowl, silverware and sippy cups. Choose items made of plastic, so that they will not easily break. On the other hand, choose ceramic options painted with whimsical cartoon characters that will make her want to eat her dinner. You could also give her a brightly coloured napkin and a napkin ring to complete her dinner set.


Rather than giving the child a traditional gift on his first birthday, consider giving a donation in his name. That way, you can help him get started very early in life with being charitable. Consider giving to a charity that gives less fortunate children toys, clothing or food. You could also give in his name to another charity that is important to his parents, whether they support cancer research or a local animal shelter.


While a child who is turning 1 year old is likely not yet proficient on the piano or the guitar, many young toddlers are beginning to show interest in music. Consider choosing a musical gift for the child so that she can begin to explore her musical side. Choose a musical instrument that she would be able to play with, such as a harmonica. You could also choose musical CDs or DVDs aimed at children that she can sing and dance along with.

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