Ideas for log cabin curtains

Updated February 21, 2017

When choosing curtains for a log cabin, you have the opportunity to stray from traditional drapes and formal curtains; because of the informal log cabin setting, you can use unconventional curtains to enhance the atmosphere. As you choose curtains, consider how you can repurpose items or use a rustic take on traditional window treatments to complement the room design.

Draped Fabric Panels

For a simple, rustic look, choose individual fabric panels that work with the colours of your cabin. If you are going for a natural look, choose a loose, rough-woven material so the light will catch the detail; for a sweet look, choose sprigged cotton or a soft floral print. Cut the panels to the size of the window, and hem the edges. Drape a single panel over the curtain rod so it hangs down over the top of the window. Because of the limited coverage, you can pair this type of curtain with a blind or shade for privacy

Vintage Linens

In a log cabin with an old-world design scheme, use vintage linens to add a touch of antique charm to the windows. Run a length of twine across the top of the window frame, tying each end to a nail or hook on either side. Attach clips or hooks to a vintage linen or antique tablecloth, and suspend it from the twine for a simple, lovely curtain. The contrast of the twine with the linen will make a sweet touch that complements the natural texture of the log cabin walls.

Rustic Valance

To add a touch of country charm in your log cabin, make a rustic valance. Choose a piece of material that matches the interior style of the cabin: an antique lace scarf for a rustic-chic look, for example, or a piece of red-and-white checked cotton for a country-inspired decor scheme. Drape the material over the curtain rod to form a simple valance, allowing it to billow out in loops.

Simple Curtains

The beauty of a log cabin often lies in its simplicity; work with the natural style of your cabin by using curtains that have simple lines that do not take away from the texture and depth of the walls. Start with two fabric panels in a print that complements your decor. Look for a simple print and a non-fussy material so your curtains will add a touch of colour or pattern without taking focus away from the rest of the room. Hem the edges, and make a tube on the top by folding the edge over and sewing.

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