Cruise Ship Cake Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are planning a cruise ship-themed birthday or wedding, consider getting a cruise-ship cake to enhance the charm of occasion. A cruise-loving couple can celebrate other events such as an anniversary or Valentine's Day as well with a cruise ship cake. You can decorate the cake in various ways: palm trees, anchors, life preservers or ocean waves.


A birthday cake for a man could represent a ship -- with bottom layer of Victoria sponge, strawberry conserve, top layer of butter cream chocolate and a man made out of fimo clay sitting on top reading a newspaper. Or cover a cake with blue fondant and top it with a ship and fish made of gum paste. Decorate the sides with palm trees, anchors and life preservers of flavoured fondant. If you are planning a cruise ship birthday cake for a girl, consider pink and white Victoria sponge, buttercream frosting and fruit jam.


A cruise ship-themed wedding cake is perfect at the reception for a couple whose honeymoon will be on the seas. It could be in the shape of a ship, topped with chocolate seashells or spray-painted with ocean imagery, such as blue or aqua with strings of tropical or pearls. Another idea is a white fondant-covered cake with a frosted desert island on the top with bridal couple figurines. Decorate the rest of the cake with ocean waves and a life preserver displaying the couple's names and wedding date.

Bon Voyage

If you want to give a couple or family a going-away party as they leave on a cruise vacation, serve a special cake. A multi-tiered cake showing the fun they can have on board would feature blue frosted ocean waves and piped icing starfish and seashells on the bottom tier, deck chairs, swimming pool, shuffleboard, cocktails and similar items on the upper tiers.


Other special days can be celebrated with cruise-shape cakes as well. A desert island cake saying "best wishes" could celebrate retirement. A white cake flavoured with fruit and orange extract and decorated with a ship, ocean waves, stars and flags could celebrate Memorial Day. Valentine's Day could be celebrated with a cake shaped like an anchor and decorated with hearts.

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