Board Games for Kids From the '90s

Written by sean barboza
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Board Games for Kids From the '90s
There were many popular kids board games in the 1990s. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Board games are fun and helpful for a child's development. These games allow them to interact with other children and bond with their family. They can also learn new things such as problem solving, math, troubleshooting, listening and social skills. There were many board games from the 1990s that were entertaining for people who grew up during that decade and that can entertain children for years to come.

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Cranium is a game that was released in 1998 by Cranium Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro. Cranium is a party game that is marketed as "the game for your whole brain," because it requires you to use all of your skills in four different games. In the game, you are split into two, three or four teams, with each competing in various activities. There are four sections of activities: Creative Cat, which includes drawing; Word Worm, which involves unscrambling words and spelling out challenging words; Data Head, which includes trivia questions; and Star Performer, which includes acting out clues or impersonating celebrities.

Eat at Ralph's

Eat at Ralph's was another game played in the 1990s. This board game made its debut in 1992. The object of this game is for the players to feed a man named Ralph as much food as they can before he throws up. Each player will roll a six-sided die that will roll 1, 2, 3, or stuff. This is how much food Ralph has to swallow, and if a player rolls "stuff," it means that he can feed Ralph as much food as he wants. If the food is regurgitated by Ralph, the player will have to keep the food.

Don't Wake Daddy

Another game that kids enjoyed in the 1990s was Don't Wake Daddy. This game was released in 1992 by Parker Brothers. The object is to sneak into the kitchen to get a late-night snack without waking your sleeping father, who's bed is loaded with a spring. The players will draw colour cards to move to a space with the matching colour. If a player lands on a space with a picture and a number that does not match any of his other cards, he will have to keep pressing the snooze button on Daddy's alarm clock for the number of times shown on the space. When this happens, the alarm might go off, causing Daddy to awaken and spring up. The player that woke him is sent to bed, which is back at the start point.

Thin Ice

The game Thin Ice was released in 1992 by Pressman Toy Corp. The game includes marbles, a lower tray and an upper ring with a white piece of paper, which is the ice, stretched around it. The object of this game is to get as many marbles as you can onto the ice without breaking it. Each player has to take the marbles and place them on the ice one by one using the Eskimo Tweezers. When the ice breaks, the marbles will fall through the piece of paper and onto the lower tray. The player who is first to break the ice three times is the loser.

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