Trojan horse middle school projects

Written by diana nolen | 13/05/2017
Trojan horse middle school projects
The Trojan Horse ( Images)

Portrayal of the Trojan War using the Trojan horse as a focal point can be interesting, educational and fun. As an overview, the Trojan horse, which was big enough to hide soldiers inside of it, was placed near the entrance of the Trojan city wall. The trick worked and the Greek soldiers were taken into the city. As night fell, the Greek soldiers emerged, killing the Trojan soldiers. This story can be portrayed in multiple ways to peak the interests of a middle school class.

Build a Trojan Horse

The Trojan city was impossible to enter. The Greeks needed ingenuity to get inside the city walls. One project for an assignment relating to these events can be to build your own Trojan horse. Use supplies you already have at home to create a replica of the Trojan horse, such as cardboard boxes, paper maché or clay.

Make a Travel Brochure

For a more up to date approach to history, you can design a travel brochure for visiting the Trojan city. The goal is to make an attractive and inviting brochure that would appeal to potential travellers. Add information that gives a historic overview while making the city look appealing. Use pictures to give examples of the great destination. For a professional look, use a computer-printed, threefold design. This project requires few supplies; only research, paper and a computer are needed.

An Edible Trojan City or Greek Temple

You can build your own ancient temple or Trojan city, which you can be eaten after it's displayed. Find a picture of the structure you would like to build as a guide. Bake a rectangular cake; this is the base of the temple or guarded city. Ice the cake base, use pirouette cookies or cereal straws for pillars (making sure the number is accurate). Wafer cookies can be used as the pillar tops, which are attached with icing to make them stay put. Cookie pieces or graham crackers can also be used as architectural pieces. Ask questions about Greek history before serving each piece of cake. This project is informative and yummy.

Trojan Horse Play

For a theatrical presentation, gather some friends to help you act out the story leading up to and including the entrance of the Trojan horse. Making a costume can be quick and easy. Characters from the story, like Argus and Otis, can wear their togas and tell the story from their point of view. The student who plays the character, Odysseus, can make armour out of a box, wear a grey hooded sweatshirt and fingerless gloves, and carry a sword. For a different approach, modernise the story by telling the story as a news report. This could be presented live or filmed, and played later for the class assignment.

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