Birthday cake ideas for 16-year-old boys

Written by ronnie dauber | 13/05/2017
Birthday cake ideas for 16-year-old boys
Make a rock-climb wall cake for an adventurous teen. (Getty creative)

Make sure to forgo any frilly or flowery decorations when decorating a cake for a 16-year-old boy. While teenage interests tend to change as quickly as the weather, their distaste for floral decorations will not likely reappear anytime soon. A birthday cake for a 16-year-old boy should focus on his personality type.


For a young man who loves adventure, stand a rectangular crisped rice treat upright on a slab cake, and turn the treat it into a rock-climbing wall. For a racing enthusiast, make a cake in the shape of a racetrack, and decorate the cake with fondant race cars. Turn a cake into an underwater scene with fondant stingrays and sharks for a scuba diving teenager, or make a slab cake decorated to look like ocean waves with a fondant surfer for a teenager who loves to surf. For a teenager who would love mountain biking, make a multitier cake, turn it into a mountain and add a plastic bike figurine. Decorate the mountain cake in white icing for a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast.


For a movie or Hollywood-themed party, make a cake in the shape of a movie reel, and decorate it with fondant for a realistic look. For a party at the movies, make a popcorn cake. To make this cake, make a round three-layer cake topped with a dome-shaped cake. Decorate the three layers with red and white stripes to make the popcorn bowl, cover the dome top in icing and top the cake with yellow-tinted marshmallows to look like the popcorn. For a young man with a favourite new movie, decorate a slab cake with a picture of the movie poster or film cover. Have the image transferred onto an edible frosting sheet, remove the backing and place the frosting image on the cake.


Make a cake in the shape of a music note or a musical instrument, such as a guitar or drum set, for a music-loving sixteen-year-old boy. For a teen who loves to sing, make a cake in the shape of a microphone, or make three-dimensional microphones with ice cream cones topped with cupcakes. Other music-themed cake ideas include jukeboxes, tape decks and iPods. For a teen with a seemingly unlimited supply of music CDs, make individual circle-shaped cakes and decorate them with smooth fondant or buttercream icing and gold lustre dust.


Party planners can make a cake in the shape of a hockey stick, football goal or rugby ball. For a sixteen-year-old boy with a favourite sport or team, make a cake in the shape of sport apparel, such as a team jersey or football cleats. Other sport-themed party cake ideas include a three-dimensional basketball cake or a slab cake decorated to look like a football pitch. For a cake decorator with some experience, decorate a cake to look like a soccer field, and make miniature football players from fondant to place on the cake.

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