Funny skit ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Children love skits. They especially love funny skits they've seen at camp, in school programs or at birthday parties. A funny skit will easily be the highlight of the whole event. These short skits don't require a lot of preparation and are easily adaptable to most situations.

The Cook Skit

This skit requires a little preparation and a few easily obtainable materials which can be interchanged or adapted. You'll need a table covered with a table cloth, under which a bowl filled with candy is hidden from the audience. An identical empty bowl stands on the table alongside an assortment of liquids, such as ketchup, water, milk, mustard, oil and vinegar. You'll also need flour, eggs, sugar, butter and a wooden spoon to mix it together. The cook announces he will make a cake and combines the ingredients in the bowl, also adding the unconventional ingredients. The cook puts bowl under the table into the 'oven' for a few seconds and takes the bowl filled with candy out instead. The cook asks the audience if they'd like to try some and then hurls the candy into the audience.

The Campfire Skit

This skit is great for summer and involves some people getting wet. You'll need a packet of matches and several buckets filled with water. The leader explains how to build a campfire. Members of the audience are chosen to represent different pieces of wood. The campfire builders select various volunteers and bring them to the stage. Some of the volunteers are bunched in the centre for tinder with others placed for kindling with the 'big logs' stacked on top of each other in increasing larger sizes. The leader then announces the fire is ready to light, lights a match, when the campfire builders yell: "On fire!" and throw the buckets of water onto the fire.

The Chewing Gum Skit

You'll need a chair and some chewing gum for this skit. The first person walks out to the chair, takes his gum out of his mouth, places it on the back of the chair, and then walks off stage. The second person walks out to the chair, leans his hand on the back, finds the gum on his hand, and in disgust, wipes it on the seat of the chair and walks off stage. The third person walks up to the chair and sits down. He realises with great disgust that the gum is stuck to his behind. He peels it off, throws it to the ground, and walks off stage. The fourth person walks out to the chair, then realises he's got gum stuck to his shoe. With great disgust he peels it off, sticks it to the back of the chair, and walks off stage. The first person comes back, walks up to the chair, peels it off, sticks it in his mouth and walks off stage.

The Toothbrush Skit

The toothbrush skit involves a number of people sleeping on the ground, preferably on top of each other snoring and tossing in their sleep. One person wakes up walks across to where a toothbrush lies, brushes their teeth with some toothpaste and spits into a glass of water. He then yells at the another person asleep on the ground to wake up or they'll be late for whatever reason, and lies back down to sleep some more. The next person also brushes their teeth and spits into the glass of water. This continues until the last person wakes up, says that they need to take their medication and drinks the whole glass of water.

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