Ideas for a Novelty Cake

Updated July 20, 2017

Novelty cakes make special occasions even more special. The possibilities are endless with the number of shaped cake pans and fondant available. Cakes can also be hand carved and pieced together to create just the right look. Everything from Disney characters and sports to graduation caps and shoes can be made for your next celebration.

Children's Cakes

Make a child's birthday celebration even more memorable with a novelty cake. Consider the child's favourite movie character, book or hobby when choosing the design. Many shaped cake pans are available, but you can also create your own by freezing the cake after it has been baked and cooled and carving before it thaws. Trains, cars, trucks, aeroplanes and a number of sports are good options for boys. Girls often enjoy a princess, mermaid, animals, teddy bears, flowers or dolls.

Adult Cakes

Adult novelty cakes can include hobbies and favourite pastimes, or they can be age related. If the adult enjoys playing pool, turn a 9-by-13-inch pan into a pool table top replica complete with pool cues and balls made of coloured fondant. Men may enjoy cakes made to look like darts, football fields and racetracks or have a hunting theme. For the woman who enjoys shopping, turn a cake into a pair of designer jeans, purse, a pair of shoes or a credit card. Other fun options include a large burger with fries and a shake, pizza or a large cup of coffee. Even a measuring tape can be created with "no one measures up to you" written on it.

Holiday Cakes

Holidays like the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are perfect times to create novelty cakes. Pans shaped like stars, pumpkins, cornucopias and Christmas trees are good options, and fondant works well to create items to place on top of a cake. If shaped pans are not available, round and square cake pans can also be used. Frost them with royal icing or roll them with fondant to give them a holiday look.

Other Celebration Cakes

Baptisms, Holy Communion, first day of school and graduation are all reasons to celebrate. To make the celebration more festive include a novelty cake. Use a cross- or bible-shaped pan for religious events and top them with silk flowers or flowers made of icing. A 9-by-13-inch or larger cake can be cut and shaped into a schoolhouse or school bus to celebrate a child's school days. Use a graduation cap-shaped pan to celebrate a high school or college graduation or stack two different-sized rectangular cakes and frost them to look like books. Place a graduation cap and diploma made of fondant on top.

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