Ideas for Tattoos Dedicated to Your Kids

Updated July 20, 2017

Tattoos are a form of representation. They can represent yourself, your life, or even simply something you like. Dedicating a tattoo to your child is a great way to represent not only yourself, but to represent and show off your child and your love for her.


The simplest way to forever memorialise your child is to place her name on your body. Choose just her initials or first name for a small tattoo or her full name for something a bit bigger. Add her birth date to your tattoo for added effect. If you're looking for more meaning, add a poem or lyrics to a song that make you think of your child. For individuality, have it all written in a fancy font. If your child is older, have her write her name or even a simple "I love you" and have that tattooed on.


If you are looking for something quite large, have a portrait of your child tattooed onto your body. Use a picture of your child as a newborn, as he grew up from that stage way too fast. Take a favourite picture of your child at his first birthday or first time at the zoo and tattoo it on. Use his newborn foot prints or hand prints as a memory of the first time you met him or to remind yourself how small he once was.


If your child is a bit older than a newborn, she will have developed quite a personality. Does your child love butterflies? Get a tattoo of her favourite one. Does she have a favourite animal? Get a tattoo of that. If your child has a nickname, have a picture of whatever you call her tattooed on. Does your child love to draw? Have her draw a picture on you before you get it tattooed into your skin. Do you have a special song or book you read at night before bed? Use the lyrics to that song as an idea for a tattoo.


Each month has a special flower and gemstone representing that month. Get a vine with each child's special flower on it. Tattoo a necklace on, with a gem representing each child. Get a tattoo of your child's zodiac sign. Each year is represented by an animal in the Chinese calendar, use that animal as a tattoo. Was your child born on a holiday? Use that holiday as an idea for a tattoo.


A tattoo can mean anything you want it to mean, so get a tattoo that you love, with things added to it. For three children, get three different stars added to a star and moon design. Add three leaves to a tattoo of a rose. Take a tattoo of an angel and add three clouds underneath it. Get a tattoo of a three-leaf clover. Tattoo a beach scene, with three birds flying in the sky or three shells on the beach.


Most parents say that their children are their hearts, so get a tattoo of a simple heart with a child's name. Get a tattoo of a cartoon baby that looks similar to your child. Tattoo a family name into your skin. Tattoo a picture of a stuffed animal with your child's name.

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