Ideas for a cute 12th birthday outfit

Written by brenda priddy | 13/05/2017
Ideas for a cute 12th birthday outfit
There are many cute options for a 12 year old's birthday outfit. (Darrin Klimek/Lifesize/Getty Images)

It can be hard to find the right thing to wear to a 12th birthday party. Twelve-year-old girls have many fashion options, but not all outfits are suitable for every occasion. At 12 years old, girls must bridge the gap between child and teen to find cute and age-appropriate clothing. Luckily, there are many cute outfit options for 12th birthday parties.

Slumber Party

Just because a party is a sleepover doesn't mean that a 12-year-old girl cannot dress in a cute way. Wear pyjamas relevant to the season. In winter, wear a matching long sleeved pajama top and trousers. In the summer, a cute pair of sleep shorts with a sleep tank can make a perfect outfit. Wear an elastic band in your hair like a ponytail or half ponytail. Bracelets and a delicate necklace can add details to a sleepover outfit. Wear cute slippers or flip-flops.

Dress Up Party

At a dress-up birthday party, a 12-year-old should wear her best clothing. A pretty dress or a cute skirt and blouse work well for a 12th birthday party. Ballet flats or kitten heels are also appropriate for a tween girl. Accessorise with simple jewellery. Fix hair into loose curls or a sweeping updo. Paint the nails a delicate colour to fit in with the elegant theme of the party. Top the outfit with a colour-coordinated cardigan or blazer to add warmth.

Active Party

The dress code for an active 12th birthday party is much different than that for a formal party. Dress in a way that will not hamper movement or cause indecency. Jeans or shorts can work in any season. Choose long trousers for colder temperatures and for hiking. Wear a modest top suitable for bending and jumping. Sneakers or other sturdy shoes are the best choice for an active party. Choose accessories based on the rest of the outfit, but make sure they will not get in the way of the birthday party activities.

Themed Parties

Theme or costume 12th birthday parties, can be a chance for particularly cute outfits. Choose an ensemble based on the theme. For a colour theme, select an outfit based on approved colours. For a wacky party, the look for the strangest assortment of colours and clothing you can find in her closet. Follow the theme and allow the girl to express her personality in what she chooses to wear.

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