Creative Ideas for a 6 Month Anniversary

Updated July 20, 2017

A six-month anniversary is a significant milestone in a marriage or relationship. Spending half of a year together shows a certain amount of devotion and dedication to each other that you should recognise and celebrate. However, after six months, you may be running out of creative ways to show your love. Go on a unique anniversary date to keep your spark alive and remind you how much fun you can have together.

Movie Date

Try this fun twist on the typical "dinner and a movie" date by actually making a movie with your significant other. Plan a small script about your relationship and act it out, or spend the day doing things around town and taking turns videotaping each other. At the end of the day, put all of your footage together and watch it together. It will be a hilarious, priceless memory throughout the rest of your relationship.

Cheap Date

You and your significant other will have to be creative for this date to be a success. Set a small budget, such as £13, and spend only this amount in preparation for your date. Have a competition to see who spends the £13 in the better way, and who comes back with the better "date materials." Buy bubble bath and candles and give each other massages for a romantic spa night, or buy silly aprons and some inexpensive food items and see who can cook up the best dish.

Thoughtful Date

Spread the love and spend your special anniversary helping others. Volunteer together at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter for six hours together, to represent your six months together. It will give you a lot of quality time together and give you both a chance to show off your caring side while still helping others in need. Who knows, maybe if you work together at an animal shelter, your next anniversary gift will be a furry friend.

Art Date

Make an artistic masterpiece with your partner to commemorate your anniversary. One way to do this is by buying a large canvas, a lot of water balloons, and paint. Fill up the balloons with paint and pin them to the canvas. Create your artwork by throwing darts at the balloons and watching the paint explode in crazy patterns. It will be a fun, unusual activity that will result in a "painting" you can keep to remember the occasion.

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