Teen girl sleepover ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Spending time with friends is a favourite activity for teens. Among teen girls, sleepovers are more than social gatherings. A sleepover provides a teen girl with an opportunity to show off distinctive elements of her personality through her choices of foods, theme and music for the event. Share these sleepover ideas with your teen girl to help her plan a sleepover to remember.

Sleepover Invitations

Add your personal flair to the sleepover invitations by making them yourself. Fold a small square of craft foam or scrap fabric and close the side and bottom with a stapler or glue gun for a no-sew pillow. Write your invitation on a colourful index card and place it inside the pillow with some cotton. Include a pair of pajama trousers with your unique invitation. Include the date, beginning and ending times, what to bring, your address and a telephone number on the invitations to permit guests to RSVP.

Sleepover Decorations

Let your teen's decoration preferences and the sleepover's theme guide the selection of special party decorations. Provide at least one disposable camera for each sleepover guest. Dim the lights and use multiple strings of white lights to create a party atmosphere. Skip paper plates and plastic bowls when serving party food and use unexpected items. Small baskets, jars, goblets and hats add an element of fun to food presentation.

Sleepover Food Ideas

Traditional sleepover favourites include pizza, chips and dips, rice cereal and marshmallow treats, smoothies and hot chocolate. Discuss other options with your teen girl. Breakfast foods such as waffles, bacon and bagels are a crowd-pleasing alternative to standard sleepover fare. Consider an hors d'oeuvres platter filled with pizza rolls, chicken strips and sliders. Offer a platter of raw vegetables and dip or a cheese platter with an assortment of crackers. A chocolate fountain provides instant dessert nirvana. Add baskets of strawberries, marshmallows, graham crackers and sponge cake cubes with toothpicks. An ice cream bar with assorted toppings is another teen dessert hit.

Sleepover Activities

Provide iron-on letters, glitter paint and T-shirts. The sleepover participants can use their creative flair to make matching shirts. Embellishing flip flops with silk flowers and fabric strips is another way to create a wearable memento. Decorate picture frames or cork notice boards with paint, foam cut-outs, glitter and feather boas. Provide a video camera for guests to make individualised music videos which can be edited and placed on a DVD for each teen girl. You can also ask a guest to use ingredients from the kitchen to make a mystery recipe. Blindfold another guest and have her guess what ingredients are in the dish.

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