Party ideas for a 16-year-old

Updated March 23, 2017

A party for a 16-year-old must strike just the right balance of childlike fun and adult sophistication. To achieve that balance, incorporate a few of her favourite things, pick the right venue, add her friends and watch your 16-year-old's party become an instant hit with the whole guest list.

Overnight Parties

Give your teen an overnight party You could hold a slumber party at your home. Fill the party area with plenty of blankets and pillows. If you have a backyard, get a movie projector and screen and treat the guests to an outdoor movie. Or rent space at a campground, set up a few big tents and let him and his friends have a camping party. They could go fishing or whitewater rafting, as well.

Theme Parties

If your teen is longing for the beach, give her the next best thing: a summertime beach party at your house. Tell guests to wear swimsuits. Set up water slides, sprinklers and inflatable pools. Put extra sand on the ground and put out beach umbrellas.

You could also do a Mexican fiesta-themed party. Decorate with the Mexican flag colours, serve Mexican food and have a dance instructor on hand to teach a few Latin dances, such as salsa.

Excursion Parties

Get your teen out of the house for his party. Get tickets to a sporting event for him and several friends. Rent a skybox for them and have it catered.

If your special teen is a horse lover, take her and her friends to a ranch for the day for riding lessons. Follow up with a big dinner at her favourite restaurant.

You could also simply take her and her friends to the mall, give them each some money and let them shop. Follow with a movie and then dancing at a teen club.

Other Parties

Let your teen feel grown up at the party. Rent the group room at a posh restaurant and ask all the guests to come in formal attire. If your teen is a gamer, set up several different consoles at your house and invite his friends over for a tournament party. Turn off the games and watch movies when they get tired. You could also invite her friends to your home and hire a professional make-up artist, manicurist and fashion adviser to come give the girls a makeover and fashion advice. Afterward, rent a limousine and take the newly beautified guests out to a posh dinner.

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