What's the best vacuum cleaner on the market?

When reviewing household appliance adjectives, saying that something "sucks" usually means it's terrible. Not so with vacuums: the more they suck, the better they can help to quickly scour your carpets and floors for a healthier, cleaner home. If the many models on the market leave your head feeling like it's in a vacuum, don't worry. Housekeeping experts have highlighted some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market.

Hoover Platinum Bagged Upright With Canister

The UH30010COM model in Hoover's vacuum line comes recommended by Consumer Reports magazine as one of the best overall upright models out of the 48 vacuums tested. Unlike many of its counterparts, this vacuum packs a big punch into a relatively light package, weighing only 5.9kg. Features include a rotating brush that helps to physically lift particles from your carpet for faster and more in-depth vacuuming, a HEPA filter for enhanced air purity and a built-in bagging mechanism for quick disposal.

Kenmore Intuition 31100

Often, the air from your vacuum simply injects more dust and pollution into your air, but not with Kenmore's vacuum. It comes praised by the editors of Good Housekeeping, which tested 40 vacuums with an eye for those that meet HEPA standards when it comes to air purity. It specifically loved that it was "excellent" at attacking pet hair and embedded dirt. And unlike many vacuums, its detachable hose offers almost as much sucking power as the regular vacuum mechanism, so you can easily clean hard-to-reach spots, such as under or behind your couch.

Swiffer SweeperVac

For hard floors that you need to quickly spruce up, try Swiffer's combination of a mop and a vacuum. A miniature vacuuming mechanism sucks up particles while Swiffer's proprietary cloth also manually picks up debris. Wired magazine loved it, noting that it was a fast way to clean and decrumb your house and was also lighter and more portable than a full-size upright vacuum. It's ideal for those quick jobs necessitated by a drop-in neighbour or a surprise visit from the in-laws.

Bissell CleanView Helix Deluxe 21K3

Powerful vacuums don't just suck dust; they often suck your money right out of your wallet too. But you don't have to be rich to enjoy a clean home. This budget-category upright vacuum earned praise from Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping magazines. Features include a HEPA air filter, a suction hose and a wide array of possible cleaning accessories. But because it's a budget model, it also suffers from a few potential design problems, such as a higher point of gravity that makes it more prone to tipping than more expensive vacuums.

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