Party Ideas for a Superhero Birthday

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether it is Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk or the X-Men, many children love superheroes and dream about having a superhero birthday party. From the invitations to the party games, create an unforgettable superhero party for your child. Hand out superhero party favours and prizes -- such as stickers, temporary tattoos and toys -- for the guests to take home as memorabilia of the party.


Create the party invitations and punch a hole in the top corner of the invitation. Attach a small plastic toy of your child's favourite superhero. Hand-deliver the invitations to your party guests or mail them in padded envelopes. Another idea is to mail different superhero capes to each one of your guests with the invitations. Tell the guests to wear the capes to your superhero party.


Hang pictures of all the different superheroes on the walls in the party area. Use sidewalk chalk to draw pictures like the Superman and Batman emblems on a concrete driveway. Print caption bubbles with words, such as "BOOM," "ZAP," "POW" and "WOW," and hang them on the walls around the superhero pictures. If your child wants a certain superhero, instead of all the superheroes, use corresponding tableware, streamers and party ware. For example, if he likes Batman, hang yellow and black streamers along with Batman tableware.


Have an adult or teenager paint the face of each child like her favourite superhero. If the party guests do not already have capes, give each guest a cape to wear during the party. Gather several white T-shirts and allow each guest to make their own superhero shirt to take home as a party favour. Allow them to use fabric markers, acrylic paint, rhinestones and glitter to design their own superhero shirt.


Create a Superman kryptonite hunt by spray-painting several rocks with neon green paint. Allow the rocks time to dry and hide them around the party area. Have the children run around the party area finding as many kryptonite pieces as they can. The child who finds the most pieces wins the game.

Another game for a superhero party is a game of villain beanbag toss. Tape pictures of bad guys to the bottom of laundry baskets. Place the baskets sideways on the seats of chairs, so the baskets show the villains' pictures. Give each child 10 beanbags to throw at the villains. The child who makes the most beanbags in the baskets wins the game.

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