Ideas for How to Decorate Candelabras for a Wedding

Updated February 21, 2017

Candelabras are decorative candlesticks that hold multiple candles and come in a variety of mediums such as crystal, brass and silver. Candelabras are attractive decor pieces for weddings, whether in a church or at a reception hall. Decorating candelabras is one way to add flair to your wedding theme, and there are a variety of ideas you can employ for your big day.


Wrap candelabras in floral garland to add an earthy touch to decor. For a nice scent use thin wire to attach real flower buds to fake floral garland comprised of green leaves. Or, use clear thread to tie flowers to candelabras at the base. When wrapping garland or attaching flowers ensure that when candles are lit the flames will not be able to catch the flowers you've attached.


Use strings of beads to decorate candelabras. For a modern look, use clay or metal beads in bold colours and drape on candelabras and around the base. For a more romantic and delicate look, use clear glass or crystal beads that will add sparkle to candelabras, or for a classic look, use strings of white pearls. String beads onto clear thread yourself or purchase strings of beads at your local craft store.


Use decorative rope over candelabras to add a rustic look to wedding decor. Wrap gold or silver rope around the base and drape over candelabras. Decorative rope also comes in a variety of colours that you can use to fit with the rest of your wedding's colour scheme. Since rope is highly flammable ensure that it cannot catch fire.


Paint candelabras with acrylic latex paint and add personal designs. Acrylic latex paint adheres to most surfaces, including metal and glass. Find cheap candelabras at your local craft or thrift store. Paint designs such as trim comprised of the newlywed's initials in monogrammed lettering. Paint romantic quotes, hearts, diamond rings or whatever wedding-themed design you have in mind. Opt for simplicity and paint them one colour that matches your wedding theme.


String lights are another way to add some romantic twinkle to decor and can easily be draped or wrapped around the base of candelabras. Use multicoloured string lights to contrast against white flames of the candles, or match white lights with candle flames. Make sure wiring is not close to flames and run wiring through an area where it will not be in the way of people.

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