Signs of Black Magic

Written by terry moore
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Signs of Black Magic
Believers in the force insist that black magic can cause harm to an intended victim. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

The term "black magic" refers to the use of magic to cause harm to someone or something. Many world religions, such as Christianity, deplore the validity and practice of witchcraft and magic. Today, however, in many parts of the world, belief in magical power and practice prevails. Pagan cultures, as Christian tradition calls them, believe in black magic as a form of retribution against evildoers and enemies. Pagans believe in specific ways of determining whether these forces have been used against them or their families.

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History of Black Magic

In ancient India, the practice of using spirits to evoke healing powers was believed by many to be used by healers who were unable to travel to the afflicted person. This practice eventually took on a new form. People other than healers began trying to using this supposed power to inflict sickness (cancers and fevers), misfortune and death on enemies. That, however, seemed to rebound, meaning they began to believe that these spells were coming back on them. The Hindus began referring to this phenomenon as karma. Many Eastern religions incorporated the teaching into their belief system.

Black Magic Spreads

The practice of black magic spread over time to areas of Africa and the West Indies. Sailors and migrants from these areas brought the teaching to South America, where it spread to many of the surrounding coastal islands. South Americans incorporated voodoo into their Catholic belief system to create what is now called Santeria. They began to use candles in religious ceremonies to evoke evil spirits that would bring pain and suffering to people who had a curse placed on them.

Signs of Black Magic

Some modern-day users of black magic believe that when curses have been placed on a person, certain symptoms will commonly appear. The feeling that life has stopped moving forward, sudden illness, severe depression, hopelessness, fear and panic, intense anger or aggression, feeling dazed or forgetful, career or money problems, or several small crises that occur back-to-back are all signs believed to indicate black magic. Additional spiritual signs may be perceived in a feeling of being disconnected from a higher power or loss of interest in religious or spiritual practices that once were motivating. Depending on the level of magic used against the victim --- or so the victim may think --- the symptoms may increase in severity over time.

Removal of Black Magic

Healers from spiritual traditions that adhere to belief in the effects of black magic recommend the following steps for people who believe themselves to be victims of the practice. It is suggested that a cursed person first look inward and visualise what changes must be made. Burning white candles, praying, visiting holy places and purifying the body are all recommended steps for becoming healthy again. If those remedies do not seem to help, another option would be to visit a healer.

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