1960s Party Snacks

Updated July 20, 2017

Party snacks in the 1960s ran the gamut from chips and dip to fondue. Reflecting the advances in technology, many party snacks of this era began with some sort of prepackaged food dressed up to be appealing to the palate. Depending on the purpose of the party, snacks were as simple as nuts, cheese and crackers or as fancy as finger sandwiches.

Fondue Fun

A big favourite in the 1960s, fondue allowed guests to treat themselves to a variety of items dunked into a hot sauce. Most adults enjoyed vegetables and breads dipped in a melted cheese sauce, while fruits and sweet biscuits dipped in chocolate sauce kept the kids coming back for more. Fondue promotes community gatherings by bringing everyone together around the "communal" cooking pot.

Cocktail Parties

After years of conservative fare, the 1960s ushered in new and creative ideas in the culinary arts. Cocktail parties gave hosts an opportunity to show off their culinary expertise with snacks that were bite size, presented with a bit of flair and reflected the new craze of all things French and ethnic. Elegantly spread, tables bore trays of eggs stuffed with mushrooms or tuna, toasted rounds with Brie cheese, green olives and cherry tomatoes.

Family Gatherings

Family parties in the 1960s often focused on birthdays or anniversaries. Barbecues, a favourite of just about everyone, allowed families to be together, be outdoors and enjoy a menu that varied from region to region. Party snacks at these gatherings included the classic favourite chips and dip, taco salad, especially in the southwest U.S. and a toasted mix of cereal, nuts, pretzels, seasoning and Worcestershire sauce.

Children's Parties

Snacks for children's parties in the 1960s often allowed the kids to create their own snacks. English muffin pizzas are one example. Kids spread tomato sauce on half a muffin, added toppings they liked, topped the whole thing with cheese and placed it on a baking tray to cook for a few minutes in the oven. Another do-it-yourself '60s snack for kid's parties is GORP (good old raisins and peanuts). Kids can mix their own GORP, which usually included a cereal, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.

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