What Happens When I Remove Someone From an Evite?

Updated March 23, 2017

Evite allows you to plan an event or social gathering with ease by sending an electronic invitation to your guests. Any updates or changes you have may be done by logging into your Evite account and making direct edits from the event's invitation page. Removing a person from the guest list requires minimal steps. The removed contact does not automatically get notified of this change. There are several options you can take when removing a contact from the invitation list in terms of notification.

Edit Guest List

If for any reason you have a need to remove a contact from your Evite guest list, log in to your account to access the invitation page and select "Edit Invitation." Click on the tab labelled "Edit Guest List." The page will update, appearing with all your guest list contacts. Each contact will appear with a "X" button at the far right. Click on it to remove the contact from your guest list.

Notification to Removed Guest

When you remove a contact from your guest list on Evite, the contact will not be notified of the change, but he will no longer have access to view the page when he clicks on the invitation link that was originally provided by e-mail.

You may consider sending a message to your contacts of any changes made for the event or social gathering to avoid any confusion as to why the page is not accessible.

Auto Response to Removed Invitee

When the contact removed from your Evite guest list tries to access the invitation link, she will receive a "Cannot Display Invitation" page with a message indicating, "Sorry, Evite can't display this invitation because you're not on the guest list for this event."

You may notify your contact through Evite's "Send a Message" feature prior to removing them.

Send a Message

Utilise the "Send a Message" feature on the main page of the Evite invitation to notify any contacts on your guest list of changes. After logging in to your Evite account and selecting the invitation link, click on the "Send a Message" link. A window will appear with all your contacts on the guest list. You may check off the appropriate contacts to whom you want to send the message, then add information to the "Subject" field and "Message" field before clicking "Send."

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