Birthday Party Ideas for a 12-Year-Old's Sleepover

Updated November 21, 2016

Many 12-year-olds love having sleepovers. Plan your tween's next birthday sleepover with invitations, activities and games. Although most 12-year-olds can keep themselves entertained, planning a few activities and games will prevent boredom. Awarding the party guests with prizes and party favours, such as pajama sets, decorated cork boards and temporary tattoos, gives the guests something to take home as a memento of the sleepover.


Print clip art pictures of guests in sleeping bags and in their pyjamas on cardstock paper. Write or print the party invitation details on each one. An idea for the invitation wording includes "You're invited to come and spend the night! We will have junk food & games & pillow fights!" Punch a hole in the corner of each invitation. Attach a small travel-size tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush using ribbon. Hand-deliver the invitations to the guests or mail them in padded envelopes. Tell the guests to bring their toothbrush and toothpaste to the slumber party.

Food and Drinks

Create a wide variety of "movie theater" foods and drinks. Some ideas for sleepover party foods and drinks include soda, popcorn, chips, dips, hot dogs, soft pretzels, bottles of water, pizza and candy. Cook the hot dogs early and place them in buns. Wrap the hot dogs in foil and place them in the oven or in a cooler to keep them warm. Place all of the fixings -- such as mustard, ketchup, relish and onions -- on the table. Guests can grab a hot dog from the cooler and add any fixings they want. For colourful drinks, make a couple of pitchers of coloured, flavoured drink mix and pour into ice cube trays. Place them in the freezer the night before the party. Place a couple of ice cubes in a glass and pour lemon-lime soda over the cubes to create a colourful drink.

Sock Activity

You will need several pairs of white or light-coloured socks, at least two pair for each guest. Have the guests sit at a table and give each guest a couple pairs of sock. Place bowls of rhinestones, glue, glitter paint, fabric markers and acrylic paint on the table for the guests to use to decorate their socks. To make nonskid slipper socks, tell the guests to use puff paint to decorate the bottoms of their socks. Use glow-in-the-dark puff paint to create nonskid socks that glow when the lights go out. Let the socks dry overnight and guests can take them home as a party favour.

Straws and Marshmallows

Play a game with bowls, straws and miniature marshmallows. Give the guests a straw and have them sit around a table. Place two bowls in front of each guest, one with miniature marshmallows and one empty bowl. When you say, "Go," the players have to use their straw to transfer as many marshmallows to the empty bowl as they can. They must suck through the straw to get the marshmallow to stick to the end of the straw and transfer it to the empty bowl. The player with the most marshmallows in her bowl at the end of three minutes wins the game.

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