How to decorate with a brown shag carpet

Updated March 23, 2017

Dealing with brown shag carpeting puzzles many home decorators. Whether you inherited a house with wall-to-wall brown shag carpeting or recently bought a brand-new plush brown shag rug, you want to have a good-looking home that doesn't look like it got transported out of the 1970s. Reframe your brown shag carpeting ideas with a few tweaks.

Paint the walls in a light matte colour to complement the flooring. Dark brown shag carpets look modern when paired with light blue walls. Beige or earth tones also go well with dark brown shag.

Select modern furniture in complementary colors. Sleek and sophisticated lines offer a nice contrast to the fluffy shag. If you go with traditional furniture, such as wingback chairs, you risk looking dated or overly fussy.

Provide plenty of lighting. Brown shag carpet sucks up ambient light, so unless you're blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows, set out table and floor lamps to prevent the room from looking like a pit.

Things You'll Need

  • Brown shag carpet
  • Matte paint
  • Modern furniture
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