All Types of Freshwater Sharks

Written by heilyn cabrera
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All Types of Freshwater Sharks
Freshwater sharks are stunning and colourful shark lookalikes. (NA/ Images)

Freshwater sharks are not truly sharks, but rather tropical fish found primarily in Thailand and parts of Southeast Asia. So called freshwater sharks belong to the Cyprinidae family of soft-finned carps, minnows and goldfish and are characterised by the absence of teeth and cycloid scales. Freshwater sharks resemble saltwater sharks with their pointed heads and large dorsal fins. They are popular with hobbyists and can be good additions to some aquariums with plenty of hiding places.

Apollo Shark

The Apollo shark is a smooth, silver fish with a passive character. It is also an active schooling fish that prefers an established environment with plenty of swimming space. Because the Apollo shark (luciosoma pellegrini) can jump out of the water, your aquarium should have a hood. Apollo sharks are not particular about their food;they will remain healthy if given freeze-dried blood worms, pellets, vegetable-based food and high-quality flaked food.

Black Shark

This freshwater shark can grow up to 24 inches and is comfortable in a 70-gallon aquarium. Its colour can be very dark brown or black. An aquarium for a black shark should not have any plants, because vegetation is one of its main sources of food. Like the Apollo shark, the black shark is a jumper. Apollo sharks also eat freeze-dried blood worms and flaked food.

Chinese Hi Fin Banded Shark

This fish has striking bands of colours when young, but the colours fade as it reaches maturity. The banded shark grows to 2 feet long in captivity and has a high dorsal fin. It is docile, but needs a large aquarium -- ideally one that can hold 125 gallons of well-filtered, well-oxygenated water. It feeds on rasp algae, bottom-dwelling invertebrates and freeze-dried blood worms.

Rainbow Shark

This fish is only 6 inches long and has a dark grey or black body with red fins. It is also called a ruby shark or red-finned shark. Although the rainbow shark is small, it can be territorial and aggressive -- even with its own species. Keep this fish in a 50-gallon aquarium where it is the only shark among other fish of the same size. Add rocks, vegetation and driftwood to the aquarium so it can set up its territory.

Siamese Algae Eater

This fish is antisocial; it ignores other fish. It also likes an environment with plenty of vegetation and rocks, where it likes to rest while feeding on algae. Since this fish is very docile, it can coexist with other passive aquarium fish. Give it high-quality flake food, pellets, vegetable-based food and freeze-dried blood worms.

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