Hanging Multiple Pictures on Wall Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

When you want to create a bold design statement and create a space to show off your photos, make a display with multiple photos. By hanging many pictures, you can showcase a series or make a natural grouping for photos that have an element in common. Before you hang the photos, create a cardboard cutout that matches the size and shape of each picture frame and hang them on the wall first to get an idea of the final effect.

Antique Frames

For a wall display that can work well in a traditional or contemporary home, put all of your pictures in different antique frames. To give the display a cohesive look, create one unifying element across all of the photos by printing them all in a similar tone palette or painting the frames the same colour. Hang the frames on the wall at offset angles so they form a visually striking arrangement. The appeal in this type of arrangement is the way the ornate details of the frame contrast with the non-gridlike pattern.

Used Door

If you have an old door sitting around your home, turn it into a display area for multiple photos of the same size. Create a grid on the door using thin wood stripping, making each square or rectangle the same size. Paint the stripping to match the door. When it dries, slide the photos behind the grid. The content of the photos will be a stark contrast to the orderly grid, and the sheer size of the display will make a dramatic design statement whether you hang the door or simply lean it against a wall.

Baseline Display

For a photo display that is as striking for the overall arrangement as it is for the individual photos, use a baseline display. Choose frames in the same material and thickness but in different sizes. Draw a horizontal line on the wall that is about three inches thick and arrange the photos on the top and bottom edges of the line, alternating sizes. The baseline will act as a unifying factor, and the photo edges will create an appealing, dynamic line.


Instead of hanging pictures directly on the wall, use a series of floating shelves as the base. Hang the shelves at different heights around an entire wall, allowing some to overlap for a more eclectic look. Lean framed photos against the wall and intersperse them with small decorative elements. This type of display is an easy way to unite photos of different sizes and in different frames.

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