Tips for a Halloween Costume for Samantha From "Bewitched"

Written by sarah thompson
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Tips for a Halloween Costume for Samantha From "Bewitched"
Look to TV characters, like "Bewitched" lead Samantha Stevens, for costume ideas. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Samantha Stephens is the witch from the 1964 "Bewitched" series. Playing a doting mother and loving housewife, Samantha spends her time convincing her husband, Darren, she'll not indulge her daughter's inherent magic abilities and scolding her mother for treating Darren poorly because of his non-witch birthright. The series was widely popular, and Samantha's character is ever remembered. As such, Samantha is a go-to costume for Halloween parties if you're looking for a retro-witch vibe and an easily identifiable costume character.


Samantha inherited her non-mortal witch qualities, and sometimes she donned her witch garb when in the non-mortal realm. For the most part, however, Samantha maintained a "mortal" housewife look, topped with bouncy blond hair. In fact, Samantha's hair is one of her top identifiable features. To get the look, grab a blond wig or style your hair so that it's got a good deal of volume and ends at shoulder length. Style the front by taking fringe or front pieces and pulling them straight back so that they create a rising poof atop the centre of the head. You can also style the front pieces to billow at the sides. Style the ends of your hair in large, noticeable curls that flip up.


Next to her hair, eyebrows made Samantha, or actress Elizabeth Montgomery, easily identifiable. Sculpt your brows so that they feature a high, sharp arch. These should be light brown and of medium thickness. Apply make-up to create the same brow if you don't want to reshape your eyebrows. Also consider make-up. Samantha wore no make-up on her lips or skin aside from a light lip gloss. When doing the eyes, paint a thick black line of eyeliner across the top lid. This line should taper off into a point toward the outer edge. Apply mascara on the top lashes and add false lashes to the top lid if necessary.


Samantha was usually seen in housewife attire common in the 1960s. However, when in full witch garb, and in the opening cartoon credits, Samantha wears a red-and-black-toned outfit. Your witch hat should come to a simple point, with a thick red band attached to the cone. This band should start where the rim and cone meet and go up one-third of the cone. Samantha's dress was a conservative, full black dress that reached the knees in a pencil-skirt style. The dress featured quarter-length sleeves and a neckline slit that came to a point near the cleavage. Samantha's cape was black on the outer side and red on the inside.

Character Considerations

Part of any costume is taking on the character's idiosyncrasies and displaying them for those who don't recognise you immediately. Samantha's trademark was wiggling her nose from left to right. Doing so was the equivalent of pointing her finger; it created the magic. Wiggling your nose like Samantha can be difficult. Lend the basic idea by pursing your lips and wiggling them quickly from left to right. This often moves your nose a little in the same direction.

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