Business research proposal topics

Written by damon verial | 13/05/2017
Business research proposal topics
How ethics influence business is one hot research area. (Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Whether pursuing an MBA, performing research for your company or investigating a business as part of a consulting project, you must develop a business research proposal before beginning your research. There are many possible topics that you can turn into a research proposal. Any topic you choose must show how the topic can be applied to business practice. The best idea is to consider your topic options and choose the one that's most appropriate to the situation.


Marketing has become increasingly important in the past few decades. The field of business now recognises marketing as the main force in successfully influencing the customer to purchase products and services. This area contains all of the activities required for planning and delivering the products or services of a business. Topics in this area consist of market research and forecasting, public relations, customer service, product development, advertising and sales promotion.


Finance is the main form of data analysis for business research. Its purpose is to inform a business how to best put its monetary resources to work. Research ideas for your proposal in this area include risk management, tax considerations, internal control, improving cash flow, time value of money and the decision of leasing versus buying.

Human Resources Management

Human resources management deals with making effective use of a business's human work force. The main goal of the research in this area is to maximise the motivation and competency of the employees. Topic ideas in this area include managerial effectiveness, psychology in the workplace, communication, diversity and discrimination, operations management, crossover analysis, linear programming, the Pareto Principle and Monte Carlo Simulations.

Technology Management

Technology is an essential tool of the effective business model. Computers have revolutionised businesses and given small and large businesses the ability to experience exponential growth. Research proposals in this area should investigate possible applications of technology to business. Some topic ideas are artificial intelligence, database management, wireless technology, computer-assisted manufacturing, virtual reality and management information systems.

Business Ethics

Ethics in business refers to the codes and moral principles that guide the business. Research as to whether ethics is cost effective in business has been a hot topic in the beginning of the 21st century. Research topics in this area should link ethics to other topics in business, such as the risk of monetary damage due to unethical behaviour, how ethics influence employee morale and how perceived business ethics can affect customer behaviour.

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