Easter Assembly Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

Because Easter is a religious holiday, it is not typically recognised or celebrated by state schools. These schools may choose to celebrate the season of spring instead. Private schools, however, can celebrate the Easter holiday by bringing the students together in an assembly. New beginnings and challenges are only a couple of possible themes.

State School Assembly

Though Easter is a religious holiday, some state schools may want to give nod to the holiday by holding an assembly for the students. A state school can decorate the walls of the assembly hall with large paper cutouts of flowers and bunnies. Rainbow and tall green grass blades also make for good decorations. A special appearance by the Easter bunny who, after greeting the children, can hop his way to a special room where classes can go in to visit and get a group photo taken.

Private Christian School Assembly: Evangelism

For Christians, Easter is a sacred time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus, and how these events impact their lives. A special evening assembly, where children can invite parents, siblings and friends, is an ideal time to share the message of salvation in celebration of the Easter holiday. An evangelistic movie, short skit, Scripture reading or musical numbers can all work together or individually to bring the message to life.

Private Christian School Assembly: Challenge

Private Christian schools can assemble their students and challenge the school as a whole to reach out to the community during the Easter season. Use testimonials and scripture to show children the importance of being a good example to others in the community. During spring, people often begin to work on beautifying their yards or doing spring cleaning. Encourage students to help elderly family members and neighbours with chores, or challenge the school as a whole to take on a cleanup project for a local charity.

Private Christian School Assembly: New Life

Christians believe that a new life is possible through believing in Jesus Christ. Spring and Easter represent new life and fresh beginnings. Invite alumni of the school back to discuss with current students about life after graduation from the school. Have alumni use examples of fresh beginnings from the Bible to reinforce that believing in Christ brings new life. The speaker may use visuals or examples such as budding flowers and baby animals to show students that new beginnings are possible.

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