My Panasonic 1250 Microwave Has No Power & No Display

Updated February 21, 2017

A Panasonic 1,250-watt microwave oven heats items quickly and is operated by its digital control panel. The control panel contains common presets, such as "Popcorn," but also allows you to select the power level and the cooking time yourself. Some Panasonic microwaves are equipped with mechanical rotating plates to even-out the heating process. Throughout its seasons of use, the microwave might unexpectedly lose power. The source of power loss is determined and corrected by troubleshooting and resetting the unit.

Disconnected Power Cord

If the Panasonic microwave doesn't work and its display is blank, a disconnected power cord might be to blame. Examine the power cord's connection to the wall outlet. Pull the power cord from the wall outlet to reset the connection. Wait a few seconds and plug the power cord back in.

Damaged Power Cord

If the microwave still exhibits a blank screen after resetting the power cord connection, the power cord might be damaged. Inspect the power cord for cuts, tears, deep dents, frays or any instances of exposed wiring. If the power cord is compromised, replace it with a new one or contact Panasonic product support for service.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If the power cord is secured and in tact, a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker might be the cause of the outage. For safety, unplug the microwave from the wall outlet. Locate the circuit breaker box, open the panel and inspect the microwave-designated circuit breaker. If the switch of the circuit breaker isn't facing fully up, switch off the breaker, allow a few seconds to pass, and then reset it. Open the fuse box panel door and examine the box for blown fuses. If any fuses are blown, replace them.

Faulty Wall Outlet

If the circuit breakers are set and no fuses are blown, the wall outlet might have failed. Unplug the Panasonic microwave from the designated wall outlet. Locate an alternate electronic device and plug its power cable into the outlet in question. Switch on the device. If the device works, the outlet is functioning properly. If the device doesn't work, the outlet isn't working and requires service.

Outlet Test & Reset

Some wall outlets contain "Test" and "Reset" buttons, which are part of a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The GFCI detects imbalances with power flow and halts electrical activity from flowing through the outlet, when a problem occurs. If the powerless microwave is attached to once such outlet, press the "Reset" button to restore an electrical flow to the microwave.

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