Which Are the Best Yogurts?

Updated July 18, 2017

The best yoghurt is your favourite flavour, frozen and licked from a cone on a hot day. Or it could be the plain variety, mixed with wild flower honey and drizzled over a seasonal fruit salad. In Greece, the best yoghurt is combined with cucumber and dill to make tzatziki sauce, traditionally served with pita bread and lamb. One way to get the best yoghurt is to visit a farmers market offering freshly made yoghurt from free-range dairy cows. But you can also try out the varieties at your grocery store with "Best Yogurt" honours awarded by expert tasters.

Real Simple Magazine Picks

Tasters at Real Simple magazine rated different brands and flavours of yoghurt in nine categories. Strawberry and vanilla flavours were the clear favourites, with lemon coming in third. Best "fruit on the bottom" yoghurt was Dannon's strawberry, for its natural flavour and not-too-sweet taste. Dannon also won top honours for whipped yoghurt with its La Creme French Vanilla Mousse. "Wow! Is this yoghurt?," one taster raved. Brown Cow's low-fat Lemon Twist won in the single-flavour category, with Yoplait's Lemon Burst noted as a close runner-up.

Cook's Illustrated Magazine Picks

Cook's Illustrated magazine took a purist's approach, testing plain whole-milk yoghurt only. Plain yoghurt works well for smoothies or baking -- muffins are especially moist and tender when made with yoghurt -- or you can always add your own sweeteners and extras. Two varieties came in at the top. Tasters highly recommended Brown Cow's cream-top plain yoghurt for its rich, well-rounded flavour and "especially creamy" texture. Tasters also recommended Stonyfield Farm organic plain yoghurt as a close second.

Frozen Treats

People who love frozen yoghurt are loyalists. Reading comments on Internet forums, it seems that yoghurt shops all around the country make "the best yoghurt in the world." Stopping by your local frozen yoghurt place is a special treat, but you can buy some of the best frozen yoghurts in the supermarket, too. Fitness magazine editors chose Edy's Slow Churned Yogurt Blends Vanilla as "Best Grocery Store Dessert" in the yoghurt category in 2009. In 2010, Haagen-Dazs low-fat vanilla was picked as a "Best Frozen Dessert Buy." Both varieties were lauded for their "you'd think it was ice cream" taste.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yoghurt has a different texture and a tangier flavour than American yoghurts. Even the nonfat versions are indulgently creamy and thick because Greek yoghurt is strained repeatedly to remove most of the liquid, or whey. Cooking Light magazine picked three brands of non-fat Greek yoghurt as best, with the grand prize going to Fage, "the gold medal standard." Chobani and Voskos Organic brands were also praised for their texture and taste.

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