Good colours for redecorating your hallway

Updated November 21, 2016

Using the right paint colour in a hallway can help the colour flow of the home transition from bedrooms into the kitchen, living room or dining room. Choosing the right colour is important, as the wrong colour could completely offset the feel of a home. Fortunately, choosing a paint colour for a corridor or hallway is fairly basic once you know where to begin.

Colour palette

Take into consideration the other colours used throughout the home. For example, if you tend to gravitate toward cooler colours like greens and blues, then use the same tone in the hallway. After all, a deep red hallway might seem out of place in a home decorated with mostly cool blues or rich, forest greens.

Hallway proportions

If there is no consistent colour scheme throughout the home, then choosing a paint colour can be a bit more tricky. However, one factor to keep in mind is that small, narrow hallways will benefit from lighter colours while hallways that are wide or short will benefit from a bolder colour.

See the light

Take into account the hallway's lighting conditions when choosing a paint colour. Light can drastically alter the appearance of a paint colour, so always paint samples on to the wall before making your final colour choice. This allows you to evaluate the paint's colours throughout the day in various lights. Hallways with plenty of natural light can handle darker or bolder colours, while darker hallways fare better with lighter colours.

Beige tones

Light colours tend to be more popular for hallways, especially shades of beige. When using beige, ensure the shade matches the same tones as the other rooms in the home. For example, if the rest of the home features cool colours, such as blue slate, then the beige chosen for the hallway should also feature a cool tone. This principle also applies if the home features warmer shades, such as vibrant reds.

Greens and yellows

Both green and yellow will work well in a hallway, as each colour encompasses many light tones to brighten up the space. In general, green can either be a cool, refreshing colour or a warm, earthy colour. Popular green colour choices include crisp spring greens, shades of mint or vibrant, earthy greens. Meanwhile, nearly any shade of yellow can work well in a hallway. Popular shades of yellow include creamy yellow, pale yellow and even warm, mustard yellow.

Greys and blues

Much like green, grey and blue are two versatile shades. Both shades can be either very light or very dark, and both can be warm or cool. Having so many variations means that you are sure to find the perfect shade of grey or blue for your hallway. Popular shades of grey include slate, warm aubergine grey and brown-grey. Popular shades of blue include light sky blue, deep midnight blue and pale blue-grey.

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