Gifts for 8 Year Anniversary

Updated November 21, 2016

An eighth wedding anniversary is just as important as any other anniversary even though it isn't considered a "milestone" year. Show your spouse how much you care with a traditional gift of bronze or pottery, go modern with linens or think outside the box with a romantic and personalised gift.


Give your partner a sculpture or statue made of bronze material such as two lovers in an embrace, dancing or kissing. Home decor items made of bronze include picture frames, decorative plates and wall plaques, wall mirrors, figurines and flower vases. Jewellery items are also made of bronze such as earrings or bangle bracelets.


Get your spouse a handcrafted vase or bowl, figurines, ceramic tiles or coasters, anniversary plate or tableware items. For a personalised pottery gift, engrave or print a name, personal or anniversary message, love poem, photograph or your wedding date on ceramic coffee mugs. Make her a homemade gift by painting a clay pot and finishing it with a glaze. Get her a gift token to take a pottery class and offer to take the class with her.

Customised Linens

Linens to choose from include sheets or pillowcases, blanket, quilts or comforters. Embroider the linens with any number of letters or words such as his first or last name, initials, a poem or message or your wedding or anniversary date. "His" and "hers" linens such as pillow cases add a special touch.

Gifts of Eight

Center her anniversary gift on the number eight to celebrate eight years of marriage. Get her eight lottery tickets, eight small gifts, a gift basket with eight types of baked goods or eight roses. Write her a poem with eight lines, or leave eight sticky notes around the house with the reasons you love her. Use the infinity symbol, which looks like an "8", as a number eight gift. Infinity symbol gifts include keepsake boxes, picture frames and pendants with the symbol on them.

Romantic Gestures

Commemorate your anniversary with a romantic gesture for your spouse. Wake him up with breakfast in bed that includes his favourite meal and a mimosa (Champagne and orange juice). Take him for a picnic for two by packing a picnic basket with chocolate-covered strawberries, crackers and cheese and other snacks. Treat him to a weekend getaway to a resort and spa for relaxation and pampering together.

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