70th Birthday Party Ideas

The 70th birthday is a milestone event, and definitely one worth celebrating. Whether it's for yourself or for a parent, a grandparent or a close friend, you need to celebrate the 70th birthday in a big way. Birthday party ideas can help highlight the number of years the person lived and their total life experiences. Invite family, friends and loved ones to help celebrate the special occasion.

Through the Years

Focus the party on everything the birthday celebrant has experienced over the course of the last 70 years. Use a roll of craft paper and create a time line, showing the important events that happened around the world. Combine those events with experiences in the person's life, such as weddings, graduations and the birth of their children. Hang posters and images around the room, showing those major events. Play music dating back to their birth, all the way up to music from the current day.

Past Memories

Invite loved ones to share in the 70th birthday party. Ask for donations of photographs of the birthday celebrant, along with friends and family members. Enlarge the pictures into large posters and hang them around the room. Display a few of your favourite pictures as posters and use the rest to make a slideshow that you air during the party. Give family members and friends the chance to talk about their favourite memories of the person. Arrange a small stage in the centre of the room and set a microphone nearby, making sure everyone can hear.

70 All Over

Use the number 70 as the theme for the birthday party. Arrange cupcakes and cookies on the dessert table in the shape of a large seven and zero. Decorate the room with balloons printed with 70 on the front and matching streamers. Purchase plates, napkins and cups from your local party store, featuring 70 printed across each one. You can even have custom-printed napkins or matchbooks that wishes the person a happy 70th birthday. Keep those in small bowls and let guests take them home as souvenirs.

Theme Parties

Throw a 70th birthday party with a theme, relating to the person's favourite hobby. For golf lovers, throw a 70th birthday party with a golf theme. You can even go all out and base the party around something the birthday celebrant loved as a child, such as an Old West themed party. Increase the entertainment factor by informing guests of the theme and asking them to come in costume.

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