What is a good graduation gift for a boyfriend?

Updated February 21, 2017

When your boyfriend graduates from college or high school, finding him the perfect gift to celebrate the occasion is important. Giving your boyfriend a present for his graduation shows him your support for all he has achieved and that you are proud of him and his achievements. If your man has recently graduated or will soon, learning some boyfriend gift ideas can help you get him something great.

Take a Trip

Plan a trip for the two of you to take after graduation. A trip will be a rewarding activity he can take to relax and have fun after all of his hard work. Head to a destination you know he'll enjoy such as the beach if he loves the water or to the mountains if he's a mountain man. If you are strapped for cash, don't go too far and get a just get a nice hotel room for the two of you to relax in for a couple of nights.

Gifts for the Future

Get him something to prepare him for the next step in his career. A present like this will show him support for his future endeavours. A briefcase or laptop bag will be a useful tool for the business world. If he is pursuing jobs, buy him a professional suit that he can don when he goes to prospective job interviews. If this is a high school graduation, get him a shirt from the college he will be heading off to, or even decor for his dorm room.

Gift Cards

A gift card to a favourite store of his can provide him with the option to choose exactly what he wants. If he loves sports, get him a card to a local sporting goods store or sporting emporium. If he's musically inclined, try a gift card to a local record store or online music site. If you have the funds, buy him multiple gift cards to a few different stores he loves and he can have a day of shopping.

Personalised Presents

Personalising a gift for him can add a special touch and show that you didn't just get him a basic gift, but one made specifically for him. A personalised watch with his initials or even a romantic quote about your timeless love is one idea. If he's heading into the business world, a personalised briefcase can help him get started. For the sports fan in him, have a jersey made in his favourite team's colours with his name or nickname on the back.

A Night Out

Take him out for a night on the town. Plan a dinner at his favourite restaurant and an activity you know he loves. If he's into sports, take him to a nearby game. Find out if any of his favourite musical acts will be playing around his graduation time and take him to the show. A special night filled with his favourite activities will show how well you know him and care, and can help him to decompress and relax after graduation.

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