Duravit Starck 3 Toilet Specifications

Updated February 21, 2017

Duravit AG, headquartered in Hornberg, Germany, produces consumer bathroom products, including the Starck 3 line of products, designed by Phillipe Starck. This line includes toilets, bidets, urinals and washbasins. The toilets in this series have very simple designs, and you can choose from standard or wall-mounted toilets. All of these toilets are only available in white. You can purchase Duravit products from local retailers or directly from Duravit showrooms.

Standard Toilets

The Duravit standard toilets are available as one- or two-piece toilets, and these toilets range in size from 14.17 inches wide by 22.05 inches high to 16.54 inches wide to 29.13 inches high. The largest model is the 210409 model, which does not have a cistern. You can set up this toilet so that it works with both vertical and horizontal outlets.


The wall-mounted toilets save you floor space, and they allow you to raise the overall height of your toilet. This is especially helpful for mobility-challenged people. The wall-mounted toilets range in size from 14.17 inches wide by 21.26 inches high to 14.57 inches wide by 24.40 inches high (model 222609). The smallest two models as of 2011 are the 220009 and 220109 models. Always use the proper brackets when mounting this toilet, and ensure it is properly secured to the wall.


A bidet uses a stream of water as opposed to toilet paper for cleaning purposes, and these types of toilets are usually mounted to the wall. Generally, homes have both a standard toilet and a bidet, but you can have one or the other. As of 2011, Duravit offers five types of bidets, including three wall-mounted and two floor standing bidets. The floor standing bidets range in size from 14.17 inches wide by 22.05 inches high to 14.17 inches wide by 25.79 inches high. The wall-mounted models range in size from 14.17 inches wide by 18.70 inches high to 14.17 inches wide by 21.26 inches high. All models have chrome fixings.


All urinals are mounted to the wall, and the major difference between the two types of urinals is width. The large width urinals are 13 inches wide by 13.78 inches high, and the narrow urinals are 9.65 inches wide by 11.81 inches high. As of 2011, Duravit offers four models of urinals--two narrow and two wide urinals. You can purchase a ceramic urinal partition for privacy reasons. These toilets are for both residential and commercial use.

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