Teal Room Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Dress up your walls with a colour that reminds you of tropical plants or a view of the sea filled with seaweed and green plants that reflect off of the blue waters. A teal room displays a combination of both deep green and blue hues combined into one shade. The colour teal works well for a modern bedroom, office or even a baby's room. Choose a lighter shade of teal if you prefer a more subtle look. Both light and dark shades of teal can create a stunning room.

Mermaid Teal Room

A mermaid teal room works well for a little girl who loves Ariel from Disney's "The Little Mermaid." Paint all the walls light or dark teal, and paint seashells, starfish and other sea creatures on the walls along with a mermaid. You can do the work yourself, or hire an artist to make your mermaid vision come to life. You can also paint small mermaids around the top border of a teal room. Decorate with white furniture and pastel blue or green bedding along with mermaid toys and other sea decor.

Teal and Purple Girl's Room

Decorate a teal and purple room for your little girl. Paint the walls with teal and purple stripes, and leave the ceiling white. Choose solid coloured teal or purple bedding and curtains to complement the walls. Hang up framed pictures of your daughter or pictures of her art work, and bring in other accents like a teal coloured lamp. Both purple and teal blend well together, and using teal and purple instead of purple and pink creates a more distinctive room for a girl.

Teal Nautical Room

Crete a teal nautical room for your little boy. Paint all the walls light teal, and leave the ceiling white. Paint small boats around the top border of the room, and decorate with boat-themed bedding, toys and other decor items. Hang up a life saver float, along with pictures of boats on the walls, to bring it all together.

Teal Ocean-Themed Living Room

Use teal to make your ocean-themed living room come together. Paint one large accent wall in your living room dark teal, and leave the other walls and ceiling white. Adorn the teal wall with framed ocean pictures and shelves filled with ocean treasures like starfish, bottles filled with sand, rocks and large seashells. Hang up other ocean decor items on other walls, but make your teal wall the main focal point of the room by putting the most decorative accents in this area.

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