Photo Shoot Ideas With Goddesses

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Photo Shoot Ideas With Goddesses
Select a theme for the goddess photo shoot that enhances the subjects' natural appearance and presents a deified image. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Use a goddess themed photo shoot to empower the female photo subjects. The goddess image is one of beauty, skill, and often desire. Choose a goddess theme that suits the subject, whether Greek and Roman goddesses, goddesses from Norse mythology or even the domestic goddess image. Props and costumes will enhance the image in the final photos. Also choose locations and backdrops that complete the image.

Goddess Costumes

Depending on the goddess theme selected, the costume may differ greatly. Greek and Roman goddesses such as Aphrodite/Venus, might be best portrayed in a draped white chiton, curled hair gathered at the head and gold decorations adorning the hair, body and costume. An Egyptian goddess may be portrayed with the classic bold Egyptian eyeliner, bronzing over the body for a shiny, tan glow, and gold jewellery. Select the theme that best suits the needs of the photo shoot and research costumes traditionally worn by the ancient culture.

Photo Shoot Ideas With Goddesses
Research the costume traditionally shown on the desired goddesses or mythology to help select costumes for the photo shoot. ( Images)


Props can help liven up a photo. Greek and Roman goddesses may be portrayed holding grapes, goblets of wine or perhaps representations of the classic foods of the Greek gods: ambrosia and nectar. Additional props may represent the individual goddesses' attributes, such as Diana or Artemis's bow and arrow, or a mirror. Egyptian goddesses may be portrayed with papyrus or rubbing protective oil on an arm, as additional examples. Animals can also be incorporated. Some goddesses were believed to be symbolised by certain animals, such as the owl for Athena.

Photo Shoot Ideas With Goddesses
The owl was associated with Athena. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Select Proper Locations

For some goddesses, outdoors or natural locations may be ideal for the photo shoot, but for others, a pampered indoor setting would be best. Consider the type of personality associated with the desired goddesses and set the location accordingly. To help decorate an indoor room to match a target culture, consider draping sheer fabrics around furniture or hanging sheer fabrics from the wall or ceiling. Throw pillows make excellent decorations and props as well. Large palm leaves used for fanning Egyptian princesses, or other decorative items may also enhance the setting.

Photo Shoot Ideas With Goddesses
Sheer fabrics can be purchased by the yard in large quantities, and quickly disguise and transform a location. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

The Domestic Goddess

When planning a goddess photo shoot, it may be nice to include the "domestic goddess." Consider traditional images associated with a "domestic goddess" such as 1950s designer aprons, natural make-up and images of the domestic goddess stirring a batter or tasting her soup. Modernised images may also be created, representing unique perspectives of a domestic goddess, including the "working mother" who also takes care of the housework and children, if the concept suits the needs of the photo shoot. Some domestic goddess imagery may be viewed as sexist or old fashioned, so take care when selecting the image to be portrayed.

Photo Shoot Ideas With Goddesses
Domestic goddesses could be represented in a goddess-themed photo shoot. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

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