Flowers that will be in bloom in late july or early august

Written by k.c. morgan | 13/05/2017
Flowers that will be in bloom in late july or early august
Late summer flowers bring life and colour to the garden. (flowers image by pearlguy from

Planning a garden is more than picking favourite flowers. It's observing growing habits and creating a year-round spectacle. Choose flowers that bloom in late July or early August, and plan a garden that offers blooms even toward the end of summer.


Bright-red Cardinal flowers begin blooming in early July and continue opening until October. The flowers appear along the long stalk a few at a time. Grow Cardinal flowers in partial sunlight. In full sunlight, the red flowers and green foliage fades. Cardinal flowers grow best in moist soil. Cover the ground around the ground with a 1- to 2-inch layer of mulch to hold in moisture.


The Denver daisy blooms with yellow flowers in July and August on 2-foot stalks. The purple coneflower, a North American native flower, is an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance garden flower that blooms in August. Both flowers grow well in the bright summer sun.

Native Woodland Bloomers

Wildflowers that grow throughout North America make good garden plants because they have few care requirements. Plants thriving in woodland areas generally prefer partial to full shade and moist, rich soil. Jerusalem artichoke, wild rose, asters and blue lobelia all bloom in July or August, or both. More common flowers, including asters and sunflowers, bloom in the late summer months.

Native Prairie Bloomers

Native flowers in prairies thrive in full sunlight and generally prefer well-drained soil. Black-eyed Susans are attractive, low-maintenance, late-summer bloomers. Bright-yellow goldenrods, purple blazingstars and wild roses all grow in North American grasslands with no care, making them easy to cultivate in well-lit garden areas.

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