Ways to say "congratulations"

Written by joe burnham | 13/05/2017
Ways to say "congratulations"
Congratulating a friend is almost always appreciated. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Often we want to show our support for a friend's new job, relationship or good fortune, there are a number of fun ways to achieve this. Depending on how well you know the individual, and how much effort you're willing to make, you can create a special way of saying "Congratulations" which they should appreciate.

Surprise Party

Throwing a friend a surprise party to say congratulations can be great fun, and can also create a memorable evening for the fortunate individual. Advantages of throwing a surprise party for a person are that other friends also have an opportunity to congratulate the person on her achievement, and it allows her to talk openly about her success without worrying she is boasting.

Surprise Video

If your friend lives far away, you can record a video for him to receive in the mail. This video could include various people congratulating him on his success, and could also include a picture slide-show featuring related photographs; for example, if your friend recently recovered from a broken leg, photographs of him wearing a leg-cast could be displayed while inspirational music (either serious or humorous) plays in the background.


For a more public way of showing your congratulations, purchase an advertisement in the local newspaper. Most newspapers have sections for announcements, and this could later become a souvenir for your friend to keep and remember afterwards.


A thoughtful gift makes a great way to say congratulations. Ideally, the gift should relate to the new success; for example, if she's recently been hired for an exciting new job, you could present her with some a trendy watch. Or, for him, fashionable neckties.

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