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Updated April 17, 2017

If you are a fan of pop rock music, you want to know everything about your favourite artists. Pink, Kings of Leon, Ke$ha and Linkin Park are some of the biggest stars in the pop rock world. You may listen to their music on the radio, but not know what their real names are, where they were born, what their top hits are or other random facts about them.


Pink (known professionally as P!nk) was born Alecia Moore in 1979. Kesha (Ke$ha) is really named Kesha Sebert. The Followill brothers -- Caleb, Jared, Matthew, and their cousin Nathan -- make up the popular rock group Kings of Leon. Linkin Park, on the other hand, are unrelated musicians including Dave "Phoenix" Farrell, Joseph Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Brad Delson and Rob Bourdon.


Sometimes, you love a song and have no idea what it's called. Linkin Park has had a lot of hits, including "In the End," Bleed it Out," "Breaking the Habit" and "One Step Closer." Ke$ha has topped the chart with "Tik Tok" and has written many other songs on her album, "Animal," such as "Blah, Blah, Blah" and "Girls Gone Wild." P!nk recently wrote about her marriage break-up in "So What," and Kings of Leon are known for "Sex on Fire" and "Use Somebody."


Most of the members of Linkin Park attended high school together in Southern California. P!nk was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. Born in Los Angeles, Ke$ha moved to Tennessee when she was around 6 years old. The Followill brothers spent their childhood travelling the Southern states with their Pentecostal minister father, Leon.


Random facts about pop artists are some of the most interesting. Ke$ha, for example, enjoys looking through trash for items of value and has admitted to buying clothing from a homeless person. Kings of Leon was named for the three brothers' father, who home-schooled the kids through most of their childhood. Linkin Park chose their name after Chester Bennington joined, and the name is a misspelling of Lincoln Park in Santa Monica, California. P!nk was told, in the past, that she was not pretty enough to feature on magazine covers.

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