Natural Flea Control With Eucalyptus

Updated February 21, 2017

Eucalyptus works as natural flea control because fleas hate the smell and taste of it. It does not kill the fleas; rather, it repels them and keeps them away from your pets. Eucalyptus leaves, essential oil and the entire tree can repel fleas. When using eucalyptus as natural flea control, treat both your pets and home.

Treating Your Pet

Treat pets with natural eucalyptus flea shampoos, powders and collars. You can make the products at home with just a few ingredients. Homemade shampoo contains water, soap and eucalyptus essential oils. The homemade powder mixes cornstarch and dried eucalyptus leaves. (See the link in the Resources section for more details on these recipes.) You can also take a folded cloth, place a few drops of eucalyptus oil on it and tie the cloth around a pet's neck.

Treating Your Home

It's as important to treat your home for fleas as it is your pets. Use eucalyptus to repel fleas in the home. Dilute eucalyptus oil in water and spray the mixture on everything in the house. This includes furniture, carpet and anyplace where your pets sleep. Place sachets of dried eucalyptus leaves in different spots in the house to repel fleas. Grow a eucalyptus tree in a pot. The tree will repel fleas. Use the leaves to make flea-control products.


Eucalyptus oil is poisonous if taken in large doses. Do not let pets swallow any oil or eat the eucalytpus leaves. Do not apply undiluted eucalyptus oil directly to the fur or skin of your pet. If your pet shows symptoms of eucalytpus poisoning, such as vomiting and diarrhoea, call the vet. Always dilute eucalyptus oil before using it. If the warnings scare you, remember that some flea-control products contain chemicals that are proven carcinogens.


Other essential oils that repel fleas include peppermint, lavender and rosemary. Garlic, citrus and brewer's yeast are also natural flea repellents. Use these items along with eucalyptus for a more powerful flea repellent. Grow the peppermint, lavender and rosemary outdoors to keep fleas away. That way, pets won't bring fleas inside with them.

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