Differences Between a Dyson DC24 & DC25

Updated February 21, 2017

You do not have to be a domestic goddess to appreciate a Dyson vacuum. Men and women alike can become excited at the thought of owning such a sophisticated home appliance. Dyson is a company founded by James Dyson, who invented a revolutionary vacuum using cyclone technology. You can find different Dyson vacuum models to do a variety of jobs, such as the DC24 and DC25. When making your decision to purchase one or the other, compare the differences to see which model is more suitable for your vacuuming needs.

Suction Power

The DC24 and DC25 vacuum models are both manufactured with the patented Root Cyclone Technology, but the suction power is different between the two models. In the DC25, suction power -- in air watts -- is 200, whereas the suction power for the DC24 is 115. While Dyson claims that none of the vacuums lose suction power with the Root Cyclone Technology, there are variances between models in how efficiently and effectively the suction works.

Brushbar Control Types

You can use your Dyson vacuum on a variety of floor surfaces, and the brushbar control refers to how the brushbar is started and stopped whenever you switch floor types. The DC25 models have a fingertip brush control, meaning that you can control the brushbar with your hand, and without having to stop the machine to bend down and switch it manually. The DC24 models do not have this feature.

Bin Capacity

Since Dysons are bagless machines, you must detach the bin from the vacuum and empty it directly into the garbage. The DC25 has a bin capacity of .31 gallons, while the DC24 has a bin capacity of .19 gallons. This means that you can store less inside of a DC24 machine, which consequently means you may have to stop and empty it throughout the course of your vacuuming project.


The DC25 has dimensions of 42.4-by-12.2-by-15.4 (HxWxD) inches. The DC24's dimensions are 29.6-by-11.0-by-13.7 (HxWxD) inches. The DC25 stands at a more comfortable height for the majority of consumers.


The DC25 is a heavier model than the DC24. The Dc24 is famous for its lightweight campaign, which is a nice characteristic of the model. The DC25 weighs in at 7.31 Kilogram, while the DC24 weighs 5.28 Kilogram.

Cord Length

If you have a large vacuuming area, you may appreciate the longer cord in the Dyson DC25. The DC25 has a cord length of 24.6 feet, and the DC24 has a cord length of 20 feet. Both offer a substantial cord length, but the DC25 may be more convenient for those who want that extra 4.6 feet.


The DC25 is more expensive than the DC24. The DC25 Animal costs £357.40 and the DC25 All Floors costs £324.90, according to the Dyson website. The DC24 Animal is £292.40 and the DC24 All Floors is £259.90.

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