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Updated February 21, 2017

Dyson is known for its inventions such as "cyclone" technology and the "ball" vacuum. Another invention was the DC04. It was the first vacuum Dyson produced that had the option of turning the brush bar on and off for different types of flooring. It was also the first vacuum that included lifetime filters that you could wash and reuse. This model was also available in versions for allergy sufferers and in the De Stijl colour scheme of red, purple, and yellow.


The DC04 features a suction and filtration system that uses centrifugal force to separate dust and dirt particles from the air that is pulled into the vacuum. It then expels clean air back into the room. Due to a washable air filter and a durable debris container, there's no equipment to replace routinely while owning the machine. The vacuum comes with three attachments for dusting, upholstery, and getting into smaller, hard-to-reach areas. The attachments fit into notches on the vacuum for storage when not in use.

General Operation

With the slide wand in place, turn the vacuum cleaner on. Hold the vacuum in place with your foot and tilt the handle backwards to begin vacuuming. To use the slide wand, return the vacuum to an upright position. Hit the wand release button on the front of the machine above the canister. Slowly pull out the wand and use the desired attachments. Replace the wand before resuming normal vacuuming. You will hear the suction switch from the wand to the base when you tilt the vacuum if you have replaced the wand correctly.


Wash the reusable filter regularly. Open the canister cover and remove the filter disc. Wash it under cold water and let it dry before putting it back. The bin should be emptied before it reaches the "Fill" line. Press the canister release button and then open the clear bin by pressing the tab above the small handle. Empty the clear container and, if desired, rinse it in water. Don't use any detergents. Dry it thoroughly before putting it back.

Replacement Parts

Although there are no parts that you must replace on a regular basis, it's possible that the belt on the Dyson DC04 will break. One other part that you can replace during the machine's lifespan is the clutch assembly. With regular use, you probably won't need to replace any other parts, but replacement bins, filter assemblies, bin seals, cleaner heads, sole plates (the part that covers the brush assembly), brush assemblies, wheels, and hoses are all available from Dyson or retail stores that stock Dyson parts.

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