Christian Alternatives to the Easter Egg Hunt

Updated November 21, 2016

The egg hunts traditionally associated with Easter, while fun, can present a variety of challenges. Not only do egg hunts lack a Christian message, but it is also possible for children to get left behind, trampled, overly-competitive and upset. This Easter, reinforce the religious message of the holiday with a Christian alternative to the egg hunt.

Religious Symbol Hunt

Combine the excitement of an Easter egg hunt with the Christian meaning of Easter by having children embark on a religious symbol hunt. Make a list of a variety of religious symbols, such as grapes, a small cross, an angel and a donkey. Hide small replicas or pictures of the religious symbols throughout the area that the hunt will be taking place in and provide each child with a list of the symbols to locate. Once all of the symbols have been found, gather the children together and discuss the story of Easter and read related passages from the Bible.

Easter Treasure Hunt

In place of an Easter egg hut, devise a set of treasure hunt clues for each child. Each clue leads to the next, with the final clue leading to a treasure. Choose a treasure with Christian meaning, such as a special copy of the Bible, a book of children's Bible stories, a religious colouring book or a cross necklace or wall-hanging. Write five or six clues for each child and present them in a festive way, such as hidden inside plastic Easter eggs. Provide children with the first treasure hunt clue and watch them search for the remaining clues and final treasure.

Prayer Hunt

In a similar way to the treasure hunt described in Section 2, print out a copy of your family's favourite Christian prayer or psalm in a large font size. Cut the paper up into strips so that each one contains a line of the prayer or psalm. This provides children with the fun of an egg hunt as well as the deep religious meaning of Easter. Give each child a copy of the first line of the prayer and instruct them to hunt for the remaining strips of paper until the prayer is complete. Once each section has been found, gather together to recite the prayer as a family.

Christian Easter Crafts

You can also replace the traditional egg hunt with a calmer activity. Prior to, or following, an Easter church service, gather the children together to create Christian crafts for the holiday. Children will delight in creating a variety of different crafts. Make beaded cross hangings from pony beads, ribbon and straws; paper angels; cross necklaces from paper beads; or simply have children decorate pages from religious colouring books. If desired, the children can give their Christian Easter crafts to friends and family members as gifts.

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