The Colors of Quartz Countertops

Updated February 21, 2017

When it comes to natural stone countertops, most people will have to choose between quartz or granite. Many people turn to quartz because it doesn't have to be sealed, is less porous and more resistant to staining, Because you can get custom and solid colours, quartz also has more variety in colour choices. Although each quartz countertop supplier carries different colours, listed are some of the more popular choices.


The different shades of white vary from a bright white to a light cream colour. You'll notice that much of the white quartz has specks of colour to give the white a different hue or to simply add colour. Depending on what you're looking for, you can find solid white, white with specks of grey, white with specks of blue, or even white with specks of red to give your counters a different look. For something not as "bright white," you can choose a variety of off-whites and creams. These quartz counters have light brown specks in the quartz to give off a light cream colour.

Blacks and Grays

As with the white quartz countertops, you can find both black and grey quartz countertops in a variety of shades and hues. Black quartz countertops come in solid jet black, or black with specks of green, brown or white to add depth and colour. If you're looking for something less jet-black, consider the variety of grey quartz. You can purchase grey quartz in colours as dark as charcoal or in a light grey-white shade.


Brown quartz will add a little more neutral colour to your countertops, while blending well with any natural or stained wood cabinets. Brown quartz, one of the more popular colours for kitchens, offers a wide variety of hues. You can choose from a solid, chocolate brown or brown speckled with gold, reds or blacks to perfectly complement the room the countertops are in. If you have a sample of your wood cabinets, many suppliers will be able to custom colour your quartz countertops to match, or contrast, the cabinets to your liking.

Blues and Greens

For a pop of subtle colour, consider getting your quartz countertops in blue or green. If you're daring, you can purchase solid quartz in lavender, royal blue, lime green or forest green. If you just want a small amount of colour, you can purchase speckled quartz that pulls in other colours to make the blue or green less obvious. Blue speckled with black will offer a deep midnight blue for your countertop. Green speckled with black will appear as a dark, forest green; and green speckled with brown will allow the green colour to pop slightly to give the countertop just a subtle glimpse of the colour.

Fun Colors

With quartz countertops, there is also a variety of fun colours that you can choose from to make any room a bit more exciting. Many places will custom-order colours they may not carry in their store or warehouse. With burgundy, hot pink, magenta, coral, orange, yellow, lavender, purple or lime green, you can add a huge splash of colour to your kitchen, bathroom or office.

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