Faux Window Decor Ideas

A faux window will help brighten up a dark basement, allowing the lower quarters of a house to feel more open and spacious. Turn a windowless room into a haven of beauty by incorporating a fake window to enhance your decor. Faux window designs can lift the mood of a room and make it more inviting for friends and family.


One easy way to brighten up a dark room is with a mural. Paint a simple scene of trees, grass or gardens in a window shape to add interest to a plain wall. Perk up the scene with a bird or two flying through the air or paint in a deer and fawn in the background nibbling on grass. Use your creativity to come up with ideas that match the decor in your room. Once the paint has dried, hang a glass window pane over the mural to give an illusion of looking outdoors.

Lighted Window

Build a box frame around a glass window to create a lighted window effect. Use scraps of 1-by-3 inch pine wood, a saw, hammer and nails to box in a large glass window pane. Lay out the window on plastic sheeting in a well-ventilated area. Cut out decorative shapes such as flowers and leaves out of contact paper. Peel off the backing and arrange on the glass window. Spray frosted glass spray over the panes on the window and allow to dry. Peel off the contact paper shapes and attach an LED light strip to the inner bottom of the box frame. Hang on a dark wall near an outlet.


Make a faux window into a decorative piece of wall art with fake stained glass. Take a hard, transparent piece of an acrylic panel and cut it slightly smaller than the framed glass window pane. Trace a design with a marker on one side of the acrylic panel, directly on top of the plastic film (sheets of acrylic usually come with protective film on both sides). Flip the panel over and remove the film on the other side. Trace over the design on the acrylic panel with plastic "leading" in a white or black hue. Let the design dry overnight, and fill in with more plastic leading of various hues to complete your design. Allow it to dry and place the panel against the glass pane of your framed window. Peel off the remaining plastic film. Hammer small finishing nails into the frame to secure the stained glass. Hang the faux window in an area where it can catch the light.


Help reflect lamplight with a mirror window. Measure the panes of a framed window unit and place mirrors of the same size within the panes. Tap finishing nails in each of the four corners of the window panes to secure the mirrored pieces. Hang the window on a wall and add a valance or set of curtains around the frame to lend authenticity to your window decor. Place a lamp near the mirrored window to reflect the light and help the room feel larger.

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